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Mark Powell

Mark Powell is a British born novelist, playwright and screenwriter who lives in Singapore. An explosive writer and storyteller, Mark delivers brutally realistic fiction and non-fiction alike with strong characters and compelling plots. His preferred genre is action/thriller, with published novels: Quantum Breach (2009, Marshall Cavendish), Deep Six (2010, Marshall Cavendish), The Somali Sanction and The Broker. In addition, he has a published 30 Seconds of Courage and young adult novel, The Adventures of Danny Dare.
His dark comedy stage play “The Banker” was tagged for London’s West End Production by the renowned Sonia Freedman, and one of his Screenplays, “The Wax Men” – an intense political thriller inspired by a true story – has been optioned for production in 2020.
An active conservationist, motorcycle adventurer and climber, Mark holds a Psy.D. in Organisational Psychology and studied Art and History degrees at Sussex University. To this day he upholds his love of art by painting vibrant oil abstracts, and notes Gerhard Richer as an inspiring force, from where he draws his own inspiration.
This latest book, 16 Swipes, takes a humorous look at the world of online dating, and demonstrates his versatility sensitivity and humour as a writer.

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