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Tim I Gurung

Tim I Gurung was born in 1962 at a GURUNG village called Dhampus, Kaski
District in the Mid-Western part of Nepal. Mid-West Nepal is also known as one
of the hot-beds of the Gurkhas, and there wasn’t a single household in their
village that had no connections with the Gurkhas. Gurkhas were their way of life,
life starts and ends there. The school was nothing more than a formality for the
GURUNG boys by then. He was no different.
He joined the British Gurkhas at the tender age of 17 as his grandfathers and
uncles did before him. He realized he wasn’t cut out for the regimented life within
the next five years though. However, he somehow carried on for the next 13
years and eventually retired in 1993 as an Army Corporal. Then, he found a job in
an international firm inspecting furniture in newly-opening-up China and worked
there for the next seven years before starting his own business. He worked as
a businessman for the next 15 years while raising his young family at the same
Before his 50th birthday, he made a life-changing decision and became a fulltime
writer in 2015. Since then, he learned the trade from scratch, published
twelve novels, and the Gurkha book his 15th book.

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